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1031 CA Amsterdam
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)20 2401 001 E

Customer Care
Do you have a question or comment about one of our promoted shows, events or festivals? Please contact our customer care at If you have a question about your order or (ordering) tickets, you can contact the customer service of our ticketing partner Eventim at

Please feel free to send us demo material (streaming only, Soundcloud works perfectly) – we will listen to everything but note we will contact you when we are interested.

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  • Lauri van Ommen

  • Robin de Wildt

    Head of Friendly Fire Theater
  • Gilles de Smit

    Brand Relations & Sponsor Manager
  • Niek Hubregtse

    Back Office - Bookings & Events
  • Pien Feith

    Booking Agent NL
  • Robert Swarts

  • Age Versluis

    Booking Agent
  • Bianca Sno

    Office Manager
  • Noah van der Hoeven

    Artist Manager
  • Jeroen Gaster

    Booking Assistent
  • Rens Peters

    Artist Manager/Booking Agent
  • Roel Coppen

    Head of NL Bookings
  • Marije van Kapel

    Production Manager Festivals
  • Sjef Athmer

  • Sjoerd Huismans

    Marketing & Promotion Manager Festivals
  • Rense van Kessel

  • Sose Stepanian

    Junior Booking Agent NL
  • Daan de Bruijn

    Marketing & Promotion Manager Festivals
  • Marcel Buurman

    Head of Production Promoted Shows
  • Maurits Westerik

    Festival Director Best Kept Secret
  • Marieke te Poele

    Event Operations Coordinator Festivals
  • Wesley Hissel

    Junior Booking Agent Friendly Fire Theater
  • Frederike Luns

    Marketing & Promotions Promoted shows
  • Pieter Kooijman

    Financial Accounting
  • Jeroen Kikkert

    Business Controller